Jeetwin Bangladesh Privacy Policy

Please become acquainted with the tenets and key clauses of Jeetwin’s privacy policy. The company guarantees users’ privacy when using the site’s services and goes above and beyond to protect users’ personal information.

These standards are directed at users, partners, suppliers, and other parties that contribute data to Jeetwin and encompass every facet of information processing performed by company personnel. 

When a user interacts with, collaborates with, or utilizes the Jeetwin services, the company’s specialists collect personal data. This process begins as soon as the player makes their initial interaction with the platform and shares personal information, either directly or indirectly, for instance, by using cookies.

Cookies are little text files that a website saves in your browser while you are there. To make interacting with the site’s pages easier, they store a variety of information, including the language that is chosen, account information, visit history, and settings preferences.

You have the ability to limit the use of cookies by utilizing the relevant settings in your browser. To obtain further comprehensive details about cookie management, kindly get in touch with the individual browser developers.

The Company may, among other things, get personal data via dependable contract partners for particular objectives, like bolstering defenses against fraudulent schemes, adhering to legal and regulatory obligations, or enhancing the gaming services’ user experience.

The user must agree to the terms of this privacy policy and make sure that the information they supply is accurate and full in order to take advantage of Jeetwin’s offers and services. It is crucial to realize that you will be held entirely accountable to the organization if you give them inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete information.

What information does Jeetwin collect?

During the registration stage, Users willingly provide contact and personal information to Jeetwin. Ensuring service quality, optimizing user interaction with the gaming platform, and adhering to legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements are the primary goals of the procedure. The Company also uses user data for marketing. Confidentiality is guaranteed, while accountability and transparency are upheld throughout the data collection and processing process.

The collected information consists of:

  • Full name, nationality, permanent residential address, and date of birth are required for registration.
  • Email address and cell phone number as means of contact.
  • Documentation that may be needed to support the accuracy of the data supplied.
  • Data obtained from outside sources

Socioeconomic status and financial well-being information, bank account details for financial transactions, and professional activities are some of the kinds of information that may be gathered.

Jeetwin retains the right to gather extra information from public or private sources in order to augment the data that users submit. This is required for marketing and research purposes, as well as to counteract misconduct and comply with regulatory restrictions. Data suppliers, business associates, service providers, and other connected entities could be the origins of this information. The complete process of data gathering is carried out in an open and responsible manner, guaranteeing complete confidentiality and safeguarding user information.

Details about Internet-browsing devices

In addition to notifying consumers, the Company monitors user behavior on the Internet and the hardware they use to access the gaming platform. This is required to provide security, gather statistics, and enhance user ease while interacting with the services.

This information includes information about the pages seen, how long games are played for, user location, IP addresses, device specs, web browser and operating system, and other information related to using the site. Cookies and other special technologies are used to collect the required data.

The way Jeetwin Bangladesh manages user data

Employees at Jeetwin actively use player data to enhance customer service and provide the best gaming products.

The following are the primary applications of the data gathered:

  • Fulfillment of goods and service obligations under signed contracts;
  • Verification of identity, validation, and assessment of requests to establish contractual arrangements for Jeetwin goods and services;
  • Oversight of the legality of financial activities; 
  • Reaction to requests and comments from users;
  • Correspondence with players by email, WhatsApp, SMS, phone, or other available media;
  • Ongoing enhancement of Jeetwin’s offers, which entails thorough data research on contracts with people and businesses to broaden the selection of goods and services;
  • Marketing, market research, and opinion polls to advertise gaming-related goods and services as well as the deals made by the Site’s affiliates;
  • Addressing technical and security issues; 
  • The business takes action to stop and prevent financial irregularities, fraud, and misconduct in addition to safeguarding Jeetwin players’ safety and the stability of the financial system overall;
  • Presenting the documents required in court and during administrative proceedings;
  • Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements; compliance with decisions made by judicial and supervisory bodies;
  • Collection of statistical data as well as conducting studies and surveys about the usage of gaming-related goods and services.

Disclosing private information

For as long as the subject uses Jeetwin’s goods or services, their personal information is safely safeguarded. The Company retains the right to keep player personal information on file for as long as mandated by regulatory bodies, even after a player account has been closed.

The following details and actions may be demanded of Jeetwin by any individual whose data is handled on the Site:

  • Verification that your data is being gathered and handled; 
  • Obtaining access to personal data; 
  • Modifying any inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete data; 
  • Blocking or erasing data that is no longer required or does not adhere to legal requirements;
  • Deletion of personal data, if processing has already been approved by Jeetwin; 
  • Transfer of data to another service provider or game product;
  • Details about the option to object to the processing of your data and the repercussions of doing so.

Please send an email to to get in touch with the company’s professionals in order to deal with the issues indicated above.

Jeetwin highlights that gamers would need to provide identification before the company’s staff can handle their request in order to stop fraudulent conduct.

Jeetwin does not gather information from those who are younger than eighteen. Please get in touch with the support team right away if you have any cause to think that a minor may have given personal information. They will make sure that the issue is promptly handled. Jeetwin forbids children from using the Site to gamble or bet on sports.

External websites and advertising sources are not covered by Jeetwin’s privacy policies. It is highly recommended by the Company that you become acquainted with the privacy policies of the aforementioned parties to gain knowledge about their methods for collecting and processing data.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

At its sole discretion, Jeetwin retains the right to modify or alter the Privacy Policy. By sending out the necessary messages, the Site’s administration tries to notify players of any major changes.

The user accepts the modified terms and conditions by using the gaming platform services after such modifications have been made. If you disagree with any of the new Policy provisions, you must communicate your concerns to Jeetwin’s support specialists.