Jeetwin Bangladesh Responsible Gaming

Since gambling is a recreational and amusement activity, it shouldn’t interfere with one’s ability to fulfill social, professional, or familial responsibilities. Gambling addiction causes dangerous, troublesome, obsessive, or pathological behaviors. Addiction to pathological gambling and other detrimental gambling-related behaviors might have very negative effects on one’s finances and/or family.

In order to keep betting or gambling from developing into a problem, responsible gambling entails selecting games of chance in a logical and practical manner. In order to engage in responsible gambling, people must make an informed choice about getting involved in betting or gambling activities. The goal of responsible gambling is to provide individuals with constant control over the amount of time and money they wish to spend. 

Advice on Following Responsible Gaming Practices

We think it’s crucial that you read the following advice to help you manage your gaming leisure time in order to prevent harmful behavior:

  • Think of gambling just as a kind of entertainment, not as a tool to make money or settle debt.
  • Set time and money boundaries for your gambling, and when you reach them, quit.
  • Never gamble while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If you are trying to overcome an addiction or are in a bad mood, avoid gambling.
  • Take the responsible gambling and gambling addiction prevention exam and implement the required restriction measures if you believe that you have a tendency to bet excessively.

Here at Jeetwin, we make every effort to give you the information, resources, and safe gaming environment you need to grow your betting and gaming in a way that allows you to exercise responsible self-control.

Set and maintain your deposit limits

We provide the resources at Jeetwin to help you manage how much money you spend while playing, keeping in mind the restrictions set by the laws as they stand. You can set your own daily, weekly, or monthly deposit restrictions and request adjustments at any time via the Deposit restrictions section of your account in the gaming account user area on our website, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Use this brief checklist as a guide to help you determine the boundaries that work best for you:

  • Determine what constitutes a reasonable loss for your particular situation—both personally and financially—before you ever start gambling.
  • Keep track of your gambling frequency.
  • Keep track of how long you spend gambling.
  • Determine how much you would like to be able to afford to spend each day, each week, or each month using the answers you received. In any case, Jeetwin will be informed of any requests for a change or removal of limits (either the general ones stipulated by the current regulations or those that have been previously sought).

Establish a time limit 

Jeetwin gives users the resources they need to limit their gaming sessions and stay away from compulsive gambling. With our gaming products, the player can always see how much time they have spent playing thanks to the session timer. The player’s most recent log-in time is shown upon logging in. Contact customer support if you need assistance or have any concerns regarding how the timer works. If you believe that you gamble too much, you should think about self-exclusion, responsible gambling, and gambling addiction prevention tests, as well as seeking information and/or professional assistance. 

Manage the money spent during gaming sessions

You must explicitly specify how long you are willing to spend and how much you are willing to deduct from your gaming account during the session before beginning any activity. 

If, during the sixty minutes that follow the conclusion of the session dedicated to playing the slot machines, you choose to begin another gaming session, Jeetwin will alert you beforehand about the benefits of adopting responsible gaming behavior and the consequences that arise from playing too frequently from the perspective of compulsive gaming.

When establishing the gaming session meant for the particular type of Gaming Machines game, limit your access to a subsequent session for the time being in case the present gaming session ends automatically due to some of the set restrictions being exhausted.

Player communication

Jeetwin will let you know how much time has passed and how much you have spent playing with gaming activities. You will determine the minimum time interval of fifteen minutes from the start of the session or from the last notification, depending on when you want to receive notifications. 

You will be able to track the session’s balance, including a breakdown of participation levels and, if relevant, prizes won, during the game-specific portion of the session.


You can request several options and methods for self-exclusion directly from the menu if you feel uncomfortable about your behavior during the game. However, keep in mind that you are not allowed to have any pending bets or balance. In this instance, you must wait until the wagers are settled before requesting the balance to be withdrawn. You must log in, go to your panel, and choose the self-exclusion option in order to use it. The following are the choices for self-exclusion:

Self-exclusion for one (1) month, three (3) months, and six (6) months is allowed.

Similarly, requests for self-exclusion may be made for an endless amount of time.

As soon as we get your notification, we will block your account for the duration you choose from these self-exclusion count periods. As soon as we discover that you are attempting to open new accounts within the exclusion period, we will also stop that attempt. Similarly, you won’t get any emails or promotional offers from Jeetwin during this time.

Your request for a temporary access limit will be implemented during the irreversible self-exclusion period. After the selected self-exclusion time, you must get in touch with our Customer Service and specifically ask for your account to be reactivated.

Remember to request self-exclusion from any gaming or gambling companies with which you have an open account if you are thinking about doing so. It is also advised that you think about installing software to prevent access to online gambling and betting websites. 

Gambling Addiction Test

The questions below can assist you in deciding if betting or gambling is worth the time and money you are spending on it.

  • Have you ever been criticized for your gambling behavior?
  • Have you ever made up a tale to disguise the amount of time or cash you bet?
  • Do disagreements, irritations, or general disappointments give you the desire to gamble?
  • Do you take work-related vacation time to gamble?
  • Do you gamble to kill time when your life is boring or to beat the blues?
  • Do you feel guilty spending “gaming money” on other things?
  • Has gambling made you less interested in your interests, friends, or family?
  • When you lose, are you tempted to get even as soon as possible?
  • When you lose all of your money playing the game, do you feel frustrated, despairing, and like you want to gamble again?
  • Do you keep gambling until you run out of money?
  • Have you ever settled bills or funded your gambling habit using money that was taken, borrowed, or coerced?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or despair as a result of your gambling addiction?

If the response to two or more of the preceding questions is “yes,” we recommend that you discuss your situation with a psychologist and take some useful action.

Restrictions for minors

Minors under the age of eighteen are not allowed to wager or participate in games of chance. As a result, Jeetwin may ask its users to provide identification. The account and its funds will be restricted until the user’s genuine age and identity are determined in the event that it is suspected that someone under the age of eighteen is gambling.

Alerts and parental supervision

We would appreciate it if you could assist us in preventing minors from having access to our website. To that end, we offer the following advice to you:

  • When using gambling software on your computer, never let minors unattended near it.
  • Use a password to secure access to your gambling software.
  • Don’t permit anyone under the age of eighteen to gamble, whether it’s for free or not.
  • Talk to your kids about the possible risks and legal issues associated with underage gaming.
  • Use kid safety software to keep minors out of your area so they can’t visit gambling websites like ours. We advise installing free child safety software for this reason.